Productivity-boosting Office Designs Backed By Science

Productivity-boosting Office Designs Backed By Science

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The purpose of any office is to allow their employee to accomplish their work and goals. Nowadays the office is designed such that they help in boosting the productivity of the employees. The office designs have completely turned from the cubicles to the open layouts and form rigidity to the mobility. The open floor plans are replacing the segregating cubicles ad the cafes are replacing the rigid break rooms. There are certain productivity boosting design trends which are listed below to bring flexibility and mobility in office.

Ways to increase productivity

One of the ways for productivity boosting is to build the freeform lounge area. There are multipurpose spaces which welcome the employees to use the breaks when they wish to. The freeform lounge can be used to sit and chat with other employees and also enjoy the quiet break. These are the inviting break areas which are contrast to the rigid break rooms. This shows that the encouraging breaks can prove to be counterproductive. Colors are the way which explains the way we see the world. The color has great impact on the productivity in office. There are certain colors which prove to be able to boost the productivity, happiness and creativity.

Natural light is again the way in which the work productivity can be encouraged. Nature has a serious moment in the design. From the natural light to the wood panel and the concrete flooring, the design accents are the one which mirror the outdoors in the creative and unique manner. It is obvious that no one has direct access to the natural light but it is preferable to have maximum amount of natural light. Blue lighting should be used in the collaborative spaces and the meeting rooms as it helps in improving the performance. It has been found in studies that the blue light helps the employees to perform cognitive task faster. In the creative workspace you need to dim the lights for triggering the creative work style.

The office designs should be such that it gives the employees with the relaxed and comfortable space. They can sit and enjoy with their coworkers. There are some people who say that the clutter is the hallmark for hard worker. But the clutter creates a confusing effect. Thus the office furniture Tampa should be such that it creates the space that is needed by the workers. They should be able to keep their folders in organized manner and the paper can be filed.

The office designs should contain some flexible furniture. It has been found that most of the productivity has increased with the usage of the flexible furniture. This practice also allows the employees to work from hone or choose some flexible working hours. The flexible working layouts allow the employees to change the workspace as per their desire. It includes the modular components which can be moved and mixed. The days have gone when the employees used to work in the cubicle farm like machines. At present they work in the productive offices without the walls. This allows them to get natural light.

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