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Office Furniture in Miami FL Desks, Chairs, Cubicles In-Stock


Serving Businesses All Across The Miami Area

At Freedman’s Office Furniture, you’ll find a wide variety of new office furniture in Miami, Florida that will suit any need. We offer an assortment of brands and products including office chairs, desks, conference tables, cubicles, filing cabinets, and storage. We have a wide array of options from finish to color, to quality, and a versatile inventory.

Whether you’re looking to start your business or are just renovating in Miami, Freedman's Office Furniture has what it takes. The furniture in your office says a lot about you. Not only does it matter what kind of look or quality we want for our space, but also how much time and effort went into selecting that perfect piece!

With over 40 years of experience, Freedman’s Office Furniture is Miami's top choice for new office furniture. We know you have many options to consider when purchasing office furniture. We believe our three decades of experience and dedication to customer service sets us apart from our competition.


Office Furniture Showroom Miami Florida

When you need office furniture, you want Freedman’s.

For over forty years Freedman’s Office Furniture has dedicated itself to curating a high-quality catalog while providing exemplary customer service to each and every client. We offer an endless selection of top quality brands and boast a variety of products, from office chairs, desks, conference tables, cubicles, filing cabinets, storage, and more. Our 10,000 sq. ft. Tampa and 6,000 sq. ft West Palm showrooms provide the opportunities to explore the versatility and quality of our inventory, and to experience the scale of our products in person.

Freedman’s offers a 15 year warranty on our selections. Our products are made right here in the USA, with unparalleled craftsmanship and a diverse inventory of products, in-stock and available nationwide.

Freedman’s Office Furniture is the top choice for office furniture in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale.

Affordable Office Furniture in Miami

Shifting your office furniture needs to a more cost-effective supplier? Freedman's Office Furniture store is the best choice for Miami, Florida. We offer quick delivery services throughout South Florida but also extend towards the Central and Northern regions respectively!

If you need top quality U-shaped Desks or L-shaped desks along with custom cubicles too; our team at Freedman's will be happy to assist in meeting all of these requests from clients like yourself who want great value when purchasing new furnishings.

Freedman’s friendly Miami customer service team is ready with knowledgeable advice about all things related to desks, office chairs, cubicles, filing cabinets, storage areas, conference tables, and custom business office planning solutions.

Although Freedman's Office Furniture, a supplier of office products, is not headquartered in Miami, the furnishing company still delivers furniture to the residents in the area. Some office furnishings to shop for near you are desks, office chairs, conference tables, handmade cubicles, and many other pieces.

Miami Office Furniture Built To Last

Your office furniture says a lot about your business. Not only is it about the appearance of the furniture and the “look” you hope to cultivate in your office furniture selection, but it is also about the quality of the office furniture you choose. For this reason, there is only one Miami furniture company that will do, Freedman’s Office Furniture.

If you’ve never shopped with Freedman’s before, you may not know about the little details that make us a better choice for meeting your office furnishing needs. First, our products are made in the USA. In fact, we custom build and ship office cubicles from our headquarters in Tampa Florida.

Plus, our products are backed by an impressive 15-year guarantee. That means you can buy with confidence that you’re getting products made right here at home and that you are receiving furniture products that are built to last.

Premier Miami Furniture Company

Consider all these factors when choosing furniture from what we are sure will become your favorite Miami furniture company to work with. Miami businesses need every possible advantage when it comes to meeting and beating other office furniture suppliers with an affordable price.

From beautiful office spaces to amped-up productivity that using the right office furniture creates, Freedman’s Office Furniture can help you get the right furniture to meet your needs making us the name to turn to when it comes to Miami furniture for offices.

We also manufacture custom cubicles for your employees with different sizes and colors available; you can find what works best for them by giving us a call, walking into one of our showrooms, or browsing our website store right now.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Reach out today by calling (561) 829-2330 in Miami or visit our beautiful showroom to see for yourself why we are the best company for your office furniture needs.


Miami's Best Office Furniture Store Near Me

For a long time, Freedman's Office Furniture has been the go-to company for commercial renovations in Miami, Florida for over 42 years. We have provided services of exceptional quality to every customer we meet.

You can expect affordable pricing and a wide range of furniture collections to fit your style and budget. You can expect long-lasting Desks, luxurious office chairs, cubicles hand-made here in Florida USA, and so much more.

Are you looking forward to planning your new office space? Out of all the furniture stores in south Florida, Freedman's is the #1 office furniture outlet in Miami FL. Your office space plan is one phone call away from suppling your dream workspace.

If you are about to make an important investment in your new office furnishings here in the Miami area, make sure you go with suppliers who build their office products near you in the same state.  Because we make our cubicles in-house, we can offer wholesale prices on these custom workstations.

Now that you know Freedman's is the Best Office Furniture Store in Miami, give us a call.

About The City of Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is a major metropolis and coastal city located in Miami-Dade County. As of the 2020 census it has 442,241 residents making it second most populous behind only Tampa Bay with 613 000 people living there! This bustling hub offers so much to do including some world-class cuisine that will leave your taste buds happy as well from all those delicious flavors bursting onto them at once

Miami delivers an unbeatable experience when exploring this gorgeous area rich culturally speaking thanks largely due to its history which dates back over 1000 years ago.

Miami, Florida is a major center for commerce and culture in the United States. The metropolitan area's GDP reaches over $ 344 billion as of 2017 with 12th place on the Global Training Rankings by GaWC 2020+. This makes Miami one of America’s most productive cities alongside New York City! In addition to being an international trade hub, the city also has high concentrations of finance activity which make it rich both economically speaking and more diverse.

The city of Miami is home to one million people, 10 international banks, and many large companies. It's also where you'll find the most hospitals in America- with 1,547 beds at Jackson Memorial Hospital alone! And don't forget about Howley Marine Terminal - which handles over 50% percent of all cruise lines going into Florida.- or PortMiami for that matter; it refers to itself as "the Cruise Capital."

Downtown Miami is the hub of activity in this bustling city. The eastern side includes neighborhoods like Brickell, which has some great restaurants and businesses; Virginia Key nearby provides beautiful scenery with its beaches yet still offers easy access to all that downtown has to offer including major banks & courthouses as well financial headquarters-you can find anything here! Just northwest outside Downtown's Health District are hospitals such as orange researcher institutions specializing in biotechnology research alongside universities whose students often times stay close by when attending college at UMD or Florida International University.

Miami International Airport is the most active airport in Florida and among America's busiest ports of entry, especially for cargo from South America. The world’s largest cruise port can be found at PortMiami where passengers board their ships to set sail around Africa or visit Australia; MIA also has one of the highest concentrations of banks located primarily on Brickell Avenue which serves as Miami's financial district. The city itself prides itself on being home to many international businesses because it has such strength when dealing internationally.

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