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Signs You Need a New Office Chair

Signs You Need a New Office Chair

We spend a good portion of our lives in our office and most of us take for granted that the chair we sit on all day was built for our comfort which can vary from individual to individual. These are 4 signs that your office needs a new chair.

You’re in pain.
A strong indicator that your office chair needs to be changed is if you start feeling really uncomfortable and your body starts aching. The truth is, biologically we were not meant to be sitting in the same position for extended periods of time, since our lifestyle has led to us having to be in the same position for a long time, it is important that we listen to our body when it sends out signs.

It’s been there for a while.
Since we use our office chairs every day, they tear down in a while. A good time frame for the life of a good quality office chair will be 5 years. After which the cushion and structural support are no longer the same and it needs to be replaced.

It looks worn out.
Sometimes, the 5-year time frame for an office chair may not be the case, it might start wearing down so much sooner than that. If your chair looks like it needs to be changed, it is time. Check for the wearing down of the fabric or the cushion of the chair or if there is any physical damage. These signs are indicators that you need a new chair.

It’s not comfortable.
Office chairs are first and foremost to make us feel comfortable, we spend a good portion of our day sitting in our chairs and it is important that you have the right one in your office. If your chair does not provide good lumbar support or does not help you with having a good posture while sitting, then it is time that you start looking out for a new chair. Also if your chair is not in line with your office table to let you use your computer comfortably and if there is no way that the chair can be adjusted to the level, then it is time for a new chair.

Poorly maintained chairs can cause a lot of pain to your body like lower back pain, knee pain, upper back and neck pain, wrist pain etc. and neglecting these symptoms long term can even lead to injuries and ultimately affecting your productivity and the way we function in our everyday life.

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