How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Chair

How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Chair

After returning from office many people complain about back or neck pain. This is result of bad sitting posture and obviously the chair that is used by them throughout the day. Thus, it is important that the office chairs are ergonomic that will promote good sitting posture and support your backbone and other parts of the body. No, all those chairs that are labeled ergonomic are actually not that. Thus, while choosing the right ergonomic chair you must ensure that you check the following.


While choosing the right ergonomic chair you need to see that it is adjustable according to your body height and shape. Consider the following

  • Seat height adjustment. It is important that you adjust the seat height according to your on height. Seat height ranging between 15” – 22” can accommodate users with height ranging from 5 feet to 6.4 feet tall. While you are considering any chairs, ensure that it has the mentioned height range.
  • Seat Pan Size. When you sit back in the chair the seat pan should be deep enough so that it does not contact the back of your knees. It’s good that the width of the seat is wider than your hip by at least one inch. It should not be very ide or else you cannot rest your arms on it.
  • Seat Pan Depth adjustment. If there is a space of two fingers in between the front of the seat and the back of your knee then the seat pan is considered to be positioned properly. While sitting your lumber curve must match with the curve with the seat so that you can get full support at your lower back.
  • Back rest height adjustment. The backrest must have ability to slide up and down. This will support the lumber curve as it can fit properly with the chair shape.
  • Backrest angle adjustment and height adjustment. With the help of this adjustment your body can get fitted in the chair comfortably. The height should also be adjustable so that it can support your back totally.

Seat material

Material with which the seat is made is important as if it is not comfortable then you cannot sit on it throughout the day. There should be enough padding to ensure that you do not face problem while sitting on it. It is preferable to choose chairs with soft breathable fiber than using hard fiber.

Mobility of the Chair

The chair should be mobile enough so that you can shift it easily in your work space according to your requirement.

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