Visio | L-Shaped Cubicle Panels 6' X 4'

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$30 a month with Freedmans EZPAY


Use our top choice L-Shaped Cubicle Panels as the building block of your new office design.  Whether you need an individual work station, small meeting space, or an entire cubicle grid, L-Shaped Cubicle Panels take the guesswork out of layout and design.

L-Shaped Cubicle Panels are the most simplified builds available. This configuration can stand on its own, independent in an open space, or be positioned along a wall. Multiple L-Builds along a common wall instantly create a network of independent work spaces.

All L-Shaped Cubicle Panels builds are constructed in 6-foot height and 4-foot depth.

L-Shaped Cubicle Panels are a tool less, fully-customizable, modern office workstation solution that provides unlimited possibilities for designing and constructing work areas.  Our thick, 2" wide, fabric-covered panels are lightweight, durable, sound-dampening and tackable.


  • Tool Less Assembly - The L-Shaped Cubicle Panels assembly is completely tool less, the design of the panels and posts are meant to slide onto each other for a quick and easy setup.
  • Acoustic Dampening - Our acoustical partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.
  • Tackable Surface - The acoustical screen has a tackable surface.
  • Aluminum Construction - Our 2" thick anodized aluminum frame is as stylish as it is durable. Its light weight makes portability a breeze.
  • Accepts Hooks - The stability of our premium dividers allows for hanging objects such as artwork, photos, flat screen monitors, or dry erase boards over the top of the partition.
  • Customizable Setup - The panel can be configured into many different shapes to fit your needs.


  • 6' X 4'

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