Round Mini Lounge

$13 a month with Freedmans EZPAY
$13 a month with Freedmans EZPAY

*Stair carry will be additional cost


Welcoming spaces. Collaborative hubs. Open areas. Wherever people migrate, they need a way to stay comfortable and productive. This is the versatile seating collection that brings small groups together and supports each individual need. Easily move this mini cylinder throughout your space whenever collaboration calls. Pull it up to your desk to give visitors short-term seating. Add it to a larger configuration. This is the lightweight way to make your work style more mobile and agile.
Dimensions: 18.5"D x 18.5"W x 17.0"H.
Call for pricing details.
Comes in 200+ colors and fabrics. Also available in dual fabric (see pictures)
10 years warranty

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