Modern Office Cubicles 5'x5'

71% OFF
Price per cubicle based on 6-pack configuration
Price does not include pedestals


$29 a month with Freedmans EZPAY
$29 a month with Freedmans EZPAY


Price is per station based on a six pack configuration, with back to back stations.

The ECO Factory Direct Cubicle Workstation System from Freedman’s Office Furniture is the fastest-shipped and most affordable office workstation solution we’ve ever offered. Built to last, ECO workstation system features high-quality, UL-approved* materials, precisely engineered for perfect fits and endless configuration.

2 pack $1199.95 each

4 pack $999.95 each

Single Stand Alone $1,199.95 each

Dimensions: 5’x5′-53″high
3 Stock Fabric Choices
Cubicle Pricing Based on a 6-Pack Configuration Back to Back Set Up

Add $199.95 for Electrical per station

Add $249.95 for pedestals

Add $99.95 for pre owned Herman Miller pedestals

Starting price $159.95 for glass stackers

Additional for fabric stackers, overhead bin and wing panels.

15 Years Warranty

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