Tuscania system Walls

Tuscania System Walls

  • Office Partitions
  • Cubicles & Tabletops
  • Free Standing Dividers
  • Patented wall system
  • Free 3D Layout
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • No Maintenance Needed
  • Custom to fit

Our Patented System

Our system offers different proposals that break schemes. We design a system based on a few anodized aluminum bars fixed to the floor and ceiling or half heights with a variety of models and configurations.
  • System: 2” Aluminum Bars
  • Glass: 1/4” - 3/8” Monolithic or Laminated Temper Glass
  • Melamine: 5/8” Practical or MDF Board.
The versatility, flexibility of use and the quick and convenient capacity to organize space are some of the most valuable qualities of the system.

Demountable Wall

The TUSCANIA System walls partitions represents the conclusion of a journey of research and experimentation in demountable partitioning carried out by engineers and it has gathered all the aspects that can make it a complete product: elegant, functional and suitable for all markets, excellent performance, versatile configurations, flexibility of use and the ability to divide, articulate and organize spaces.

Our Frameless Glass Walls

It is a partition without frames and we use 3/8” tempered glass with a joint strip in between (No sticky Silicone). This option allows you to have a cleaner vision of the space, giving a more modern and innovative touch creating a first class office.

Productivity and Semi-Privacy

Our system also allows us to make cubicles or table tops, any height you want, for the staff to work in an orderly manner regardless of space, giving semi privacy in an aesthetic way, achieving a greater performance in the productivity of the company than what would be achieved in open spaces.

Demountable Walls New Projects

Teilen system has been creating functional and elegant environments for more than 40 years. Our system developed for architecture and interior design spaces is a conceptually innovative design partitioning system that breaks the rules of the office.

The Teilen system is a project leader’s tool to generate a succession of sensations in work spaces, creating different environments and customized places for each project with the same system.

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