Pre Owned Cubicle | 6'x6' Haworth Premise- 53"H



Quantity Available:152

These Haworth Premise Cubicles are in great condition. They are available with or without glass. Complete with power in the panel they would be perfect for any company in need of outfitting a location for hundreds of employees. 

Age: Varies  

Trim: Charcoal        

Fabric: Verona SF-AN

Surface: Tr-R Beige

Features include:

  • 1 - 36" x 24" Corner Work Surfaced 
  • 2 - 36" x 24" Regular Work Surface
  • 1 - 24" Box/box/file Charcoal Pedestal
  • 1 - 24" File/file Charcoal Pedestal

Please note: Minimum Order 8 Cubicles

10 years warranty

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